I Pet Goat II

“Pet Goat” being children’s book George Bush read in the classroom during the attacks of 9/11, the video below is an animated version created by Canadian company Heliofant. It is an interesting video full of symbology. Do you agree with the interpretation (see below)?

I thought it was interesting that they show Osama bin Laden with black wings. As we know in Christianity black wings signify a fallen angel. In addition to the black wings, Osama sports a CIA logo on his jacket. CIA’s fallen angel? On the other hand, behind him are one-eyed men, masked that resemble today’s ISIS terrorists. Makes one wonder… You are familiar with the one-eye symbolism by now, I am sure. But, perhaps you do not know that one-eyed Antichrist is believed by Muslims to arrive on the political stage prior to Jesus’ second coming. Very interesting stuff indeed.


Music Video That Predicted the Rise of Evil ISIS Terror Group?

All I am asking you here is to open your eyes and consider the following video. Was the rise of ISIS terrorists predicted in this here? Or is the vid the celebration of the upcoming rise of the terrorists? Consider the title “Dark Horse.” Doesn’t that remind you of the biblical prophecy of the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Consider the guy with the “Allah” pendant being melted by Isis’ magic. What does that tell you: destruction of Islam? I think the vidĀ speaks for itself without explanations. However, here are someĀ of many interpretations to consider and its not all about “crazy” conspiracists. Take out religious themes from the interpretations and consider the symbols these interpreters discuss: